Brotherly Love

Noah encourages you all to read the rest of Nehemiah this week if you want to see further what a beautiful, joyous community that God is transforming us into and how to remain holy while dealing with enemies. This week, we are going to look at the life of Joseph so flip through those pages starting with Genesis 37 and come with questions and insights.

Genesis 37- 41: Joseph

- "Hey, guys, I had the craziest dream last night!" He probably shouldn't have shared his dream with everyone, but maybe Joseph really did mean to share it out of significance. Maybe, instead, he just thought it was a weird dream and they saw something in it that wasn't there, or maybe they thought he was boasting when he was really just perplexed. It doesn't say he had interpreted it. 

- Still, he probably shouldn't have shared it, but if he hadn't, he would have started the ball rolling that would have ultimately saved his own people as well as all of Egypt. 

- His brother's sold him to Ishmaelites! Joseph is losing his inheritance to an Ishmaelite in the same way Ishmael lost his inheritance to Isaac, through jealousy and slavery. 

- Even After so many years of being in that prison, he never doubted his visions and dreams. How can we doubt away from the persecution of Joseph? 

- Joseph got such blessing after he was released, that he literally forgot his suffering. (41:51) God's Love was so infinite that he was able to wipe away the suffering of Joseph as if it had never happened! 

Scott HowardComment