The Incomparable Jesus: Come and See

Jesus is the Incomparable Christ, the passionate persuader, who overcomes the objections of the worst cynics and the most jaded skeptics. In John 1:43-51, Nathaniel is invited by Philip to “come and see” Jesus. Philip declared that this Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the fulfiller of the Jewish Law and all the Prophets’ promises. Nathaniel replies to Philip’s request declaring, “nothing good can come out of Nazareth.” Nathaniel reveals his personal prejudice and emotional bias toward anyone who would hail from that small Galilean village. Some observers might even describe Nathaniel as a bigot. How does Jesus overcome Nathaniel’s objections? How does Jesus capture Nathaniel’s heart that he would become one of Jesus’s devoted disciples? Listen and find out.

References: John 1:43-51; Gen. 28:10-22