The following are helpful sites and links to references we have found useful and helpful for deepening our faith, as well as finding direction and answers to our questions. 


Andy Stanley 

Andy Stanley has been a pastor over five churches starting in 1995. He has published over twenty books and seminars. He has been a great Christian Leader to turn to for help in our daily walk. Find his resources here!


Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller is a great reference for many different categories, his materials can be found here. 
Tim Keller can also be followed via podcast! 


Blog Posts

     We also follow a couple of blogs, one belonging to our very own Fr. Glenn as well as our Bishop Chuck! These blogs help show us how God relates to us on a personal and individual level, every single day. 

     If there are other resources that have made an impact on you, please let us know! We are always seeking more of Him, and always open to new paths to get there. Contact us with your insights!