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Congratulations to Levi and Alex on their engagement announcement!!!
levi and alex cute.jpg

As a group, we have known Levi for several years. He has built a strong, honest, and deep relationship with everyone he comes in contact with. 

Alex has been with us a much shorter length of time. However, her personality has been a rocket of joy and enthusiasm. It was weeks after we knew of her before we actually met her, and the wait was well worth it!

I asked the newly engaged couple how the engagement came to pass, and they both had adorable responses!

From the Groom to be, Levi:

"Alex really tells it better... haha. On Thursday night I was wanting to ask her to marry me. But she had figured everything out. Like three different times I wanted to propose. I was then going to try an obvious thing... a walk in the park. So we got in the car and drove.

Alex was expecting me to propose there and it was getting dark. I wanted to surprise her, and I was thinking that she would guess... so I decided not to propose there. We stood looked at the fountain for a minute in the waning light and then I said we'll we should go home and do school work. By this point I had disappointed Alex. I didn't really realize how much."

(A few hours later he stated)

"...I walked beside her, knelt, and asked her if she would marry me... now I had asked this question often before, and because I did not pull out a ring she assumed that I was asking a similar affectionate question. She was doing school so she took it as expected and said yeah yeah and grabbed my face and sort of pushed it away. Half disappointed from the evening and half distracted by school. I then reached into my pocket..." and she said yes!

levi and alex.jpg

From the Bride to be, Alex:

"Well, I knew he’d had the ring. He’s not very good at keeping secrets from me, so I had the upper hand. It was challenging because I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, yet I guessed every idea he had. Last Thursday, as he was heading over, he mentioned that he wanted to go on a walk. I thought “This is the night. He’s going to propose at sunset and it’ll be perfect!” Naturally I’m happy and giggly at this point. So, we get to the garden and it’s beautiful outside. This pumped me up even more. We stopped at the lake and watched the pretty waterfall and I just waited....

He looked at me and said “Well honey, let’s go home and do school.” Talk about disappointment!! I was so so so sad haha. We got home and immediately started working on school. After a short while, he went to start on dinner. While cooking, he made a stop and kneeled next to me. He took my hands and said “Will you marry me?”

At this I rolled my eyes. For so long I’d been waiting for him to propose and he chose now to joke around. So, I nonchalantly said “yeah” continuing to type away on my laptop. Then the blue eyed charmer grasps my hands, pulls out the engagement ring and says “So Alex, will you marry me?” My shock was apparent. It took me a long minutes to say yes! He successfully surprised me with this sweet proposal!!"

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